General terms and conditions of sale

Article 1: Length of stay 

The tenant reserving this rental contract for a fixed period may not, under any circumstances, claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the stay.

Article 2: Conclusion of the reservation :

The booking becomes effective once the tenant has paid the full rental amount. A deposit of 30% is payable at the time of booking, a second deposit of 20% is payable 60 days before arrival and the balance of 50% is payable 30 days before arrival. If the payment schedule is not respected, the owner has the right to relet the property and the tenant will lose the deposit paid.

For all bookings after 30 days, the renter must pay 100% of the rental amount.

The rental concluded between the parties to the present reservation may in no case benefit third parties, natural or legal persons, without the agreement of Mrs or Mr TAVEAU.

Any failure to comply with this paragraph may result in the termination of the lease at the sole expense of the Tenant. The proceeds of the rental will be forfeited to the owner.

Article 3: Cancellation of the rental by the hirer :

In the event of cancellation :

  1. Refund of 70% for cancellation 60 days before arrival, i.e. loss of first deposit.
  2. Refund of 50% for cancellation 30 days before arrival, i.e. loss of deposit.

Sea and Mountain Pleasure Réservation offers the customer the option of taking out cancellation insurance with Chapka Assurances, which covers cancellation and interruption of the holiday, as well as liability and property damage cover. Coverage and exclusion clauses are detailed in the policy description.


1- You must first notify the rental company, the Internet platform, the agency, the tourist office or any other organisation through which you made your reservation as soon as the event preventing your departure occurs.
2- You must declare your claim online to Chapka Assurances within 5 days at:

The cost of this insurance is 3.7% of the rental value. This value is stated on the booking contract. The insurance can only be taken out when the booking is made and only covers the services ordered by the customer on that date. Requests for reimbursement must reach the insurers within the time limits specified in the insurance contract, failing which they will not be covered. It must be accompanied by the obligatory supporting documents requested by the insurance company. If the customer does not take out cancellation insurance offered by Chapka Assurances, he/she will not be entitled to any reimbursement if he/she is responsible for cancelling the holiday.

Article 4: Cancellation by the owner :

The owner reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order from a Customer with whom there is a dispute relating to the payment of a previous order or for any request for Services for dates when they are unavailable.

The owner can cancel the contract if the tenant behaves inappropriately.

The owner will reimburse the tenant in full for any sums paid up to the date of cancellation.

The owner may cancel the contract if the instalments are not paid on the contractual dates and the deposit will be forfeited.

Article 5: Security deposit or bond :

A deposit of €3,000 by bank transfer must be paid before arrival.

If any damage is found, you will be asked to pay for it.

The deposit for the Huez flat is €1,000.

Article 6: Inventory of fixtures :

A visual inventory of fixtures is drawn up jointly and signed by the tenant and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure. This inventory is the only reference in the event of a dispute concerning the inventory of fixtures.

Article 7: Household :

We attach particular importance to sanitary rules.

Cleaning is compulsory and will be charged as an extra. to be given to the concierge company or to the person welcoming you on arrival.

This service includes entry, exit, cleaning and thorough housekeeping.

However, the tenant is asked to perform the following tasks before departure:

  • Throw away any rubbish or paper lying around - there are containers for cardboard and glass near the chalet.
  • Put the furniture back the way it was when you arrived
  • Empty the bins: sorting bins are located 100 m from the chalet
  • Empty the dishwasher, `.
  • Sponge surfaces (bathroom, coffee table, dining room table...)

If these rules are not observed, the tenant may be asked to pay a supplement by the owner or the concierge company.

Household linen is optional. Please let us know when you rent and give it to the concierge company or the person welcoming you on arrival.

It includes sheets, towels for the number of people you have rented, two tea towels and bath mats.

However, the tenant is asked to perform the following tasks before departure:

  • Remove sheets and collect all dirty laundry (sheets and towels) in the laundry room.

If these rules are not observed, the tenant may be asked to pay a supplement by the owner or the concierge company.

Article 8: Arrival:

The tenant must arrive on the specified day and at the time agreed together or mentioned on this contract. You will be given the contact details of the person who will welcome you and who will contact you to arrange your arrival time. In the event of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must inform the owner.

You will only be able to check in once you have paid for the compulsory cleaning, household linen if you have opted for this and a deposit of €3,000 in the form of a bank imprint.

The rental is granted exclusively to the signatory of the contract. If this clause is not respected, the owner may cancel the rental and the tenant loses his refund.

If the stay is cut short, the rental price is retained by the owner. No refund will be made.

the rental fee remains the property of the owner. No refunds will be made.

Article 9: Use of the premises :

The tenant must ensure the peaceful nature of the rental property and use it in accordance with its intended purpose.

For villas with Swimming Pool, Barbecue or Plancha, Parasol and Sunbathing area, the following is required:

  1. Toilets : We have noticed that the drainage systems are narrow and to avoid blocking the toilets, it is forbidden to throw tampons or sanitary towels into the toilets. Please pass on this message to all holidaymakers.
  2. For the Plancha :
    - To clean it thoroughly after each use and when you leave (this is not included in the cleaning package).
  3. For Parasols and Sunbeds:
    - Make sure parasols are closed if there is a risk of wind.
    - Make sure sunbathing cushions are tucked in if there's a risk of rain.
  4. For the swimming pool
    - Not to touch anything, everything is automated.
    - To stay present if you have small children and this one is open.
    - Always leave the robot inside the pool. Never remove it from the pool, as this could damage the pump.
    - Check that there is enough water in the pool; the water level must be above the skimmers to avoid damaging the pump.
    - Pool cover: one key on each side to close and open the electric cover. To close, keep the key for safety reasons.
    - Make sure you close the pool every evening after the last use to maintain the water temperature.

For accommodation with Jacuzzi (and/or) Spa, the following is required:

There is a cloakroom at the entrance where you can hang up your clothes. We also ask you to remove your shoes as the private staircase to the flat is carpeted for your comfort.

For the Jacuzzi :

- In order to keep the spa water of good quality, shower before each use of the Jacuzzi; for hygiene but also to soap yourself well to avoid clogging the filters with creams...

- To put a chlorine tablet after each use, which will be at your disposal

- To close it well after use in order to keep the temperature of the water.

For the Sauna

- Make sure to close the door when using it

- Turn it off after use to avoid any danger.

Article 10: Protection against theft :

When you are away and at night, you must ensure that all openings are properly closed to protect people and property. You will be held liable in the event of burglary. Home insurance does not cover your personal belongings.

Article 11: Capacity :

This booking is made for the number of occupants stated. The tenant undertakes to respect the number of beds in the property he is renting. If the number of occupants is greater, the owner will cancel the rental and the tenant will lose the rental amount.

Article 12: All our properties are non-smoking,

Please do not smoke inside the accommodation, but do smoke in the outside areas.

Article 13: Animals:

Pets are accepted with the agreement of the owner at the time of booking, subject to a surcharge of €100 per pet per stay.

Any damage will be billed (cat claws on chairs, doors, etc.).

Article 14: Insurance: Tenants are responsible for all damage caused by themselves. They must be covered by a holiday insurance policy for these various risks, which is usually included in your home insurance policy.

Article 15: Timetables Entrance is from 5 p.m. or earlier depending on the departure of previous tenants. Departure is by 9 a.m. at the latest.