Conditions générales de vente

Article 1: This reservation of seasonal rental is reserved for the exclusive use of the live sea and pleasure rental.

Article 2 : Duration of the stay : The renter reserving this rental concluded for a determined duration will not be able to in no circumstance to prevail himself of any right to the maintenance in the places at the end of the stay.

Article 3 : Conclusion of the reservation : The reservation becomes effective as soon as the tenant has paid the total amount of the rental. If the payment of the balance is not made before the 45 days of the rental period, the owner has the right to open the rental and the tenant loses his deposit. The rental concluded between the parties to the present reservation can in no case benefit to third parties, individuals or legal entities without the agreement of Mr. or Mrs. TAVEAU. Any failure to comply with this paragraph is likely to lead to the cancellation of the rental at the exclusive fault of the tenant. The proceeds of the rental remaining definitively acquired to the owner.

Article 4 : Cancellation of the rental by the tenant: 1. Full refund if a prefectoral decision sets up a national containment measure. 2. Full refund for a cancellation 60 days before arrival. 3. Loss of deposit for cancellation after 60 days prior to arrival. 4. If the stay is shortened, the price of the rental remains the property of the owner. There will be no refund.

Article 5: Cancellation by the owner: The owner will pay the tenant the totality of the sums which would have been paid to him at the date of the cancellation.

Article 6: Arrival: The tenant must arrive on the day and at the time mentioned on the present contract. You will have the contact details of the person beforehand, who will welcome you and who will contact you in order to refine your arrival time. In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must notify the owner.

Article 7 : Deposit or Security Deposit: On arrival of the tenant, a deposit check of 3000 € will be given to the person who will welcome you and will be returned or destroyed with your agreement 7 days after your departure. However, if any damage is noted, the amount of the damage will be requested and your check will be returned or destroyed after payment

Article 8 : Inventory of fixtures : A visual inventory of fixtures is established jointly and signed by the tenant and the owner or his representative at the arrival and departure of the rental. This inventory is the only reference in case of dispute concerning the inventory of fixtures.

Article 9 : Cleaning : We attach a very particular importance to the sanitary rules. This is why our chalets and villas are cleaned and disinfected between each reservation by a specialized team. You have paid the option "entry, exit, cleaning, sheets and towels". - This service includes, entrance, exit, beds made and towels for the number of people you have rented, as well as a thorough cleaning. However, the tenant is asked before departure to perform the following tasks at a minimum: - Throw away any trash / papers that are lying around - Empty the garbage: sorting containers are located near the house. - The dishwasher must be empty - Sponge the surfaces (bathroom, coffee table, dining room table...) If necessary, a supplement by the owner could be asked to the tenant.

Cependant il est demandé au locataire avant le départ d’effectuer les tâches suivantes à minima :
• Jeter les ordures / papiers qui trainent
• Vider les poubelles : des containers de tri se trouvent à proximité de la maison
• Le lave-vaisselle doit être vide
• Passer l’éponge sur les surfaces (salle de bain, table basse, table de la salle à manger…)

Dans le cas échéant, un supplément par le propriétaire pourrait être demandé au locataire.

Article 10: Use of the premises: The tenant must ensure the peaceful character of the rental and use it in accordance with the purpose of the premises. 1. The toilets : We have noticed that in some villas the drainage systems are narrow and in order not to block the toilets it is forbidden to throw tampons or sanitary towels in the toilets. We thank you for passing on this message to all holidaymakers. 2. For the villas with swimming pool, Barbecue or Plancha, Parasol and sunbathing, it is requested : For Swimming Pools - From not touching anything everything is automated. - To remain present if you have small children and that this one is open. - Always leave the robot inside the pool. Do not remove it from the pool, it could damage the pump. - Make sure that there is enough water in the pool above the skimmers so as not to damage the pump. - Pool shutter: a key on the side to close and open the electric shutter. To lock keep the key for safety reasons. - Make sure to close the pool every evening after the last use. For Planchas or Barbecues : - To clean it well after each use and at your departure (this is not included in the cleaning package). For Parasols and Sunbathing : - Close the parasols if there is a risk of wind. - Tuck in the sunbathing cushions if there is a risk of rain. 3. For the accommodations with Jacuzzi (and/or) Spa it is requested: For the Jacuzzi: - In order to keep the spa water of good quality, take a shower before each use of the Jacuzzi; for hygiene but also to soap yourself well to avoid clogging the filters with creams... - To put a chlorine tablet at your disposal after each use - To close well after use in order to maintain the water temperature. For the Sauna - Make sure to close the door when using the door. - Turn it off after use to avoid any danger.

Pour les Planchas ou Barbecues :
– De bien le nettoyer après chaque utilisation et à votre départ (ce n’est pas compris dans le forfait nettoyage).

Pour les Parasols et Bains de soleil :
– Bien fermer les parasols si risque de vent.
– Bien rentrer les coussins de bains de soleils si risque de pluie.

3. Pour les logements avec Jacuzzi (et-ou) Spa il est demandé :
Pour le Jacuzzi :
– Afin garder l’eau du spa de bonne qualité, de se doucher avant chaque utilisation du Jacuzzi ; pour l’hygiène mais également de bien se savonner pour éviter de boucher les filtres avec les crèmes…
– De mettre une pastille de chlore après chaque utilisation, qui sera à votre disposition
– De bien fermer après son utilisation afin de conserver la température de l’eau.
Pour le Spa
– Veiller à bien fermer la porte lors de son utilisation
– De bien l’éteindre après utilisation pour éviter tout danger.

Article 11: Protection against theft: You must make sure in your absence and at night that all openings are well closed to ensure the protection of people and property. If a theft without breaking and entering is detected, you will be held responsible. Home insurance does not cover your property and personal belongings.

Article 12: Capacity: The present reservation is established for the number of occupants mentioned. The tenant agrees to respect the number of beds in the property he rents. If the number of occupants is higher, the owner will cancel the rental and the tenant will lose the rental amount.

Article 13: All our properties are non-smoking; it is therefore requested not to smoke inside the accommodation but in the outside areas.

Article 14: Animals : Pets are accepted with the agreement of the owner at the time of the reservation.

Article 15: Insurance: The tenant is responsible for all damages arising from his own actions. He is required to be insured by a holiday-type insurance contract for these various risks, generally taken out in your home insurance. This certificate must be sent to us by e-mail, after your first payment. Our villas are furnished with recent furniture and without any degradation. Any degradation will be charged (cat claws on chairs...).

Article 16: Schedules : The entry is made from 5 p.m. or earlier depending on the departure of the previous tenants. The exit is done at the latest at 9 am.